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    Hey guys, i ve recently bought a mazda 3 without a nav n i need sum help mounting a screen for my carputer install, the only way is to install it on the top dash ( cut in top dash piece ) , where the OEM navigation screen should b, however, i cant find ne screen that looks the way i want, heres wut im talkin about n i wish that u can tell me where can i find sumthin thats close to this screen

    Here's wut im lookin for:

    i would really appreciate ne help n suggestions...thank u

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    only way ur gonna get something that looks like that, is if u fabricate it yourself

    and in that regard there are lots of threads on this forum that will tell you how to fabricate something liek that, or at least how to get started, the flip up/down might be a little harder, but u could probably do it with a motorized lcd screen

    but, its gonna take some work however you do it