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Touchscreen, what to look for

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  • Touchscreen, what to look for

    I'm looking for a 2 din lcd with dvd/cd player.So that I have access to the cd slot up front.
    Something like this:

    Now, I want to connect that to a computer and use something like RoadRunner.
    But I'm not sure what kind of connection that can communicate with my car pc with touchscreen?
    In the specs, what MUST be there to make this work?

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    The closest thing to what you want are the new Infill units out of Korea. They're not even available yet.

    You want a monitor with a VGA input and a USB touchscreen. Currently there is no product that meets your wants in the formfactor you want.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      darque is right

      i've looked into the same thing, all of the double dins like the one you posted, have drives in them, mind you they only play dvd's cd's, and you cant output the touchscreen control (unless ur an engineering wiz)

      so, ur kinda stuck for now, and 2 of the Infill units are around $2000 (or will be), the cheaper of the 3 is still around $1500 :/

      for $1500 you can make a better pc than the infill, imho

      (BUT, your pc wouldnt have DMB like the infills do, lol)

      does North America even have DMB?