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Will there be conflict?

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  • Will there be conflict?

    if my laptop only has 2 usb inputs and I go buy it a 4 input usb hub. Will there be a conflict with my key keyboard, touchpad, Gps, and external dvd when all four are plugged into the hub? if so is there a way to fix this or am I screwed?
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    there shouldnt be

    but then again, it would all depend on your system, and exactly what units you're going to plug into it

    but you should be fine


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      system is a
      intel 2.8Ghz
      with 1 Gig or ram
      and windows xp
      60 gig hard drive
      anything else you need to know?
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        haha, i meant what drivers are running, and what drivers the stuff u want to put in need

        but again, there shouldnt be any problems with that you want to connect

        edit: might want to take a look at the power usage of the components though, dont overload the hub, or get a powered hub


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          aw smart guy yeah i will most definately get a power hub he he. I am power hungry. OK thanks this helped a ton
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