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Audigy 2 NX no working

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  • Audigy 2 NX no working

    Well i got into a caraccident about a month ago so i had the car in the shop for some body work. SO i had to take the carpc out for safety reasons. Everything was working correctly before it went to the shop. WHen i got the car back i put my carpc back in and for some reason my SB Audigy 2nx card is not powering on. I got it to power on once or twice after i got my car back. I checked the voltage coming from the power cable and i get max 4.86. I dont remember what the voltage was when i was first setting it up. I dont know if 4.86 is TOO low to power the SB. my power is coming off of the 5v rail from my opus 120w. Maybe the molex connecter is loose? ANy ideas will be greatly appreciated!
    2002 Mitsubishi Galant
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    I recomend testing the set up on the bench (in the house) with a desktop powersupply.

    A couple of reasons:
    more comforatable (means you maybe more patient)
    fewer variables

    When it works inside, then move it to the car.

    This should let you figure out what is causing the issues.
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      If it works in the house, then run a multimeter across the molex connector to see if there is power. Do you have a fuse along this line?
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