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Anyone using a remote?

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  • Anyone using a remote?

    I know you can get a remote control and assign the generic buttons on it to whatever process actions you want for certain programs like Winamp, has anyone used one of these with their computer? I'd like a remote to be able to change songs and volume so I don't have to touch the screen for it. It's also good for when I can't see the screen in the daytime.
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    try reading there, its about an xbox remote/receiver, but the info is generally the same

    u need the remote/remote receiver, and some program to interpret the signal


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      If you have a Pocket PC you can use it to control your system if AIVMS is installed and running on it. A WiFi equipped Pocket PC and AIVMS will make any IR remote look silly in comparison - you can control your system from over 1000 ft away via WiFi and you do not need to point at anything in order to do it. AIVMS can control just about any aspect of a windows XP based PC, including a full frontend, so that makes the little PPC an extremely powerful device.
      If you have a cell phone and your car-pc has internet access you can use it to command AIVMS controlled relays and home automation systems.