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Need help with camera enclosure

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  • Need help with camera enclosure

    I have recently bought two Hong Kong camera specials off eBay, one for my travel trailer and one for the top of my Suburban. Since I do not yet have a carputer and am making a trip with the trailer in late October, I will be using my visor mount monitor, which has two different inputs and is switchable back and forth with a remote. What I need some help with is an enclosure for the cameras. I have done a search using "camera enclosure" on this forum and did not find anything acceptable. Each camera is approximately 1 1/2 " diameter by about 3" long. The enclosure will need a 1 1/4" hole drilled for the lens, so the rear of it will need to be somewhat flat. It needs to be completely enclosed to keep out water. Obviously it will have to have the 1 1/4" hole for the lens. I am looking for an enclosure for the roof of each vehicle, maybe something different for each. I need something stronger than just a plastic box to keep someone from just ripping it off the roof. I am looking for something that looks right at home on the roof that someone would have to look twice to see it was a camera. I can paint it the vehicle color to further disguise it. I do not want to drill a 1 1/4" hole in the door of the Suburban nor in the skin of the trailer. I would like something more than just a rectangular box, maybe something really aerodynamic. I thought about mounting the camera in the base of some type of antenna, but I do not know where to find one that will fit. I have searched through my mind and my previous experiences and cannot come up with any ideas. I have no problem with screwing it right to the roof and drilling a hole for the cables along with some waterproofing in a tube. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for anything unique.
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