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  • Logitech Harmony 550

    Hey guys, is it possible to use my Logitech Harmony 550 to control my computer controls. I am looking for software that will allow it. I have a usb transciever that will allow me to use some remotes, i currently have the X10 Lola remote but i cant get the logitech to read it. Please let me know if there is any setup, configuration i can do


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    IMO, I would get a serial IR reciever like this one:
    I have this and use Girder with it.....I can use ANY remote....remote for my cars cd deck, tvs, recievers......I like the fat that I can hit a button to select another divice, and since it changed the IR signal, I can use the directional buttons on a dvd remote for a mouse one minute, then for arrow keys the next....


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      nice...the only thing is i dont know if it will read my remote unless i program it to basically i can just use any remote...because i can program it to anything at all. any X10 ATI or other computer remotes..its just not reading with the usb reciever i have.

      thanks for the help man


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        I haven't used mine in a while....It was a PITA to setup, but I found drivers online for it (look for Packard Bell remote stuff)...and Girder hooked right up with it. Any standard remote should work, a Harmony should too, just using the IR portion of it as opposed to the USB or RF if it has it. I know that this was one of the coolest things I have bought.....I have a JVC remote for a car deck, and I use that for the mouse, then I have the remote it came with for the arrow keys and such...the possibilities are limited to how many remotes you want (or how many devices the remote can have) and how many codes you want to program....