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Xenarc display resolution... It won't change?

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  • Xenarc display resolution... It won't change?

    Why does my Xenarc display in 1024x768? I have my desktop/computer set to run at 800x600 but when I boot up it keeps displaying this:

    I can't find any way to change it, and I've read the manual and done a search too. How can I get it to display 800x600? And is there a way I can keep the resolution from popping up whenever the monitor powers on?

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    Anyone? N00b question I know but I wouldn't ask if I could figure it out on my own.


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      go to xenarcs website there is a faq there for steps on how to use the correct resolution and refresh rate using powerstrip.

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        Well thank you for that, but that lets me make the graphics card display 800x600. I've got the graphics card set to 800x600 which I think will work fine. I just can't get the resolution that the screen itself is displaying to change. Even if my graphics card is set to 800x600 the screen itself shows that it's displaying 1024x768. Any idea how I can make the screen show 800x600 like it should?