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can girder do this?

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  • can girder do this?

    I'm making a rotary encoder/joystick using an alps 8-way joystick/rotary encoder and a syba 10 button mouse.

    I've already rewired everything, and now just have to configure the software, where I've run into a problem.

    3 of the buttons are interpreted as keyboard button combinations:
    WinKey + E (acts as if the WinKey is pressed, then E)
    Alt + Tab (both at the same time)
    Alt + F4 (both at the same time)

    Right now I have girder set up to send commands to road runner. I'd like to be able to intercept the key combinations (so they arent performed), and send the commands to RR. Girder isn't able to detect the button presses.

    I know that the key combinations are being used, because I can use a program called autohotkey to intercept the key presses. Id rather only have to use girder, if thats possible.