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Assistance with Car2PC using trunk CD controls

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  • Assistance with Car2PC using trunk CD controls

    All -

    I have read the pertinent posts in the forums, but remain confused. The installation of the car2pc is well-documented with installation using the head unit, but I noticed several of you appear to be using this the cd-controls in the trunk. I would prefer this location in proximity to my carpc.

    The car2pc has a female connector labeled BEPX that is supposed to hook into the iBus - however, the ibus connector in the trunk cd changer loom are all female. Do I need to take the BEPX connector apart and insert the pins individually into the iBus connector - any assistance is greatly appreciate. Thanks -


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    Adapter/gender converter?
    or you just have to plug it in at the HU and use USB to the PC.
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      Thanks for you assistance. Unfortunately, the cd-changer connector and BEPX connector are very different in design. The BEPX seems to plug in easily to the head unit according to other pics in posts I have seen here. If I was to use the HU connection, I would need to remove multiple pieces of trim and the OEM HU which is no easy task in a BMW and then run a usb line from the HU to the trunk. Others have connected using the cd-changer wiring harness, unfortunately there just isn't detailed info on how they did it. Car2pc states that is possible, but does not provide detailed instructions - I have asked there customer service without immediate reply - and I was hoping to get this done today (a rare day off), so I posted here in hope that someone who has done this would reply. Again, your assistance is appreciated -