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  • slot-in slim dvd calification...

    just verifying -- im working with a p4 micro atx. going to be mounted in the trunk and ran off of m2atx (bench test runs fine with regular dvd and hard drive.. so i want to mount a slot in slim line in my dash to pull it together. as i understand it the internal ide wont work power reasons. and the external usb will work, so i could either buy....
    and run the usb maybe to a power hub for power issues or...

    just making sure the 10' usb will work, or if i need to run a powered usb hub - thanks guys.

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    I have the first (lite-on) it works so good and it is very beauty... but i have connected it only with a 2 meters usb cable, i don't think it needs a powered hub coz it is powered itself. Just be aware: it needs the power, it doesn't get the power from the usb port! Then with the usb cable you need to run another 12v cable (you may re-use the original drive psu jack, cutting the power cable). Here's mine:
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      thanks for the help -- is it possible to cut the power jack and adapt the 12v to the m2atx?


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        Hope this helps. Not all slim slotloads are 12V. Mine happens to be 5V. It recieves it's 5V from a modified barrel plug adapter connected to the 5V rail of my PSU and the USB is routed through a powered usb hub. Works just fine on the bench so far.
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          IDE would work with convertor. But IDE spec max cable lenght is 3 feet, so if it's in your trunk, it won't work.


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            thanks guys im gonna grab the first one, gonna run a 12v rail from the computer.