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  • Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

    you may have seen this on Pimp my ride, I was wondering if any of u have this on with the car pcs. for those who dont know what this is here is brief description:

    The Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard is a tiny device (only 3.5-inches high) that projects a virtual keyboard onto your desk (or any flat surface) using a red diode laser. How cool is that? You even get the key click sounds when you type so you're not too discombulated, and people won't think you're crazy. Why is that guy trying to type on his desk?

    link for full story:

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    I don't think anyone actually has one in their car.
    It's wholly impractical for a vehicle install. You need a flat surface to use as the keyboard, and most cars don't have that large of a flat surface.

    This has been brought up many times before. Please search for something beore just posting it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      i did a search but didnt put the correct description of the product


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        now that I think about it.. my dash is pretty big and not that curved..this might be possible.. but for 160 bucks that this thing is worth I do NOT use the keyboard that much and I better make sure it works... plus if I do get it it'll be for show anyway..


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          reviews for this device are horrible. it seems like your hands would get in the way of your fingers anyway.


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            Originally posted by jeffreyd_tx View Post
            it seems like your hands would get in the way of your fingers anyway.
            umm........... WHAT?............
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              Originally posted by AllThingsEnd View Post
              umm........... WHAT?............
              It simply measures how far the first thing the laser hits is away from the base. So if you are putting your finger down to type a letter say "v" near the bottom of the keyboard, and your knuckle gets hit, then it might simulate a "d" "f" "g" or "h".

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