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USB Hubs (Powered externally)

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  • USB Hubs (Powered externally)

    Hello I am wondering if people can list some cheap brands of externally powered USB hubs (laptop in trunk USB devices front of car). Obviously they have to run on 12v or less. Small would be good.

    I did do a search but couldn't find a lot of good info. I also saw a power mod that stops the USB hub ever drawing power from the laptop/PC and will only use external power. Can anyone give the link to this?

    This could be made a FAQ for USB hubs?

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    For my Dodge RAM CarPC install, I used an IOGear 7 port hub. The external brick supplies 5 VDC out. I cut the brick off and powered the cord from the 5 VDC output from my Carnetix PSU.

    I am doing a CarPC install in my new car (1999 Toyota Avalon) with the hub in the trunk and today, I am ordering the same hub.

    IOGear and others make smaller, cheaper hubs but I chose this one because it had plenty of ports (7) and could be directly powered by my CarPC PSU.

    Link to: CarPC
    Link to: Avalon Project
    Link to: RAM Cam
    Link to: Ford F550
    Link coming: Prius