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input for 1998 am/fm/cd delco radio

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  • input for 1998 am/fm/cd delco radio

    In my 98 monte carlo, I have an am/fm/cd delco radio with a 9-pin aux input for slave devices. I want to set up for direct line input(from mp3 player) to the aux feature. The gm9-aux is exactly what i want, except it says "does not work with am/fm/cd radios". Is This True?

    I recently came up with the idea of using a slave cassette player to enable aux, then splice the actual audio wires in the 9-pin harness. Would This Work? Does anybody know which wires these are?


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    If you have the slave cd or cassette module, why not use the gm9aux anyway? contact these guys, they should be able to assist.


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      the site which sells the gm9-aux says "wont work with am/fm/cd radios"
      I have an am/fm/cd radio, but i dont understand why the gm9-aux only works with cassette/am/fm sonce both radios have the 9 pin input


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        where r u located? ill give it to u for 50 plus shipping. if it doesnt work for you ill refund your money minus shipping
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