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any way to keep s-wheel controls w/o IR?

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  • any way to keep s-wheel controls w/o IR?

    Hey guys, i've been reading around here, and i've discovered that my '02 Camaro has the type of steering wheel controls that changes the resistance depending on which button is pressed. So i've read that i can use the PAC SWI and an IR remote to control my system.

    I'm wondering if theres a way to run the SWI directly into the serial port, or something like it. It seems like an IR remote would be a weak point in the hookup, and i've got a pretty stiff suspension...

    Also, which version of the SWI would i need to run?

    Here's the page w/ 'em all:
    02 Camaro SS
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    i bet you can run it direclt to the serial port... no, i garentee it.

    but i doubt the programs are out there for you to do it, so you would ahve to program it yerself
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      Whats wrong with using IR control via the PAC SWI-X? What the heck does suspension firmness have to do with it? I cannot even imagine how a bumpy ride would have any effect whatsoever on IR reception. From a cost standpoint IR control is really pretty hard to beat:

      PAC SWI-X $60
      USB-UIRT $60
      AIVMS Software $15


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        i don't know if u mean u can use the IR receiver and remote control


        but u can use the remote control as the keyboard

        but this depend on how many button in the remote control

        and u can use it as mouse

        it's cost nothing

        all what u have to do is building a LIRC receiver

        it's very simple

        and use MiriServer program with winlirc program

        u can choose any function in the keyboard or mouse to be in the

        remote control


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          Well, you are on the right track as far as needing an IR reciever on the PC is concerned. That still leaves getting the steering wheel controls into a format that the PC can read (an IR signal in this case) which is what the PAC SWI-X does. You could potentially build your own circuits for your entire car-pc, but that does not mean it is feasible. A device such as the USB-UIRT represents a very refined commercial grade IR transceiver, and IMO it is well worth the money. The software you choose to interpret the IR signals and produce the desired action can obviously vary, but both Girder and WinLirc are much harder to use than AIVMS is for this purpose.


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            Car buttons

            I think this works too. I haven't used one but I think that is what it is designed for.

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