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Problem Identifying Touchscreen Controller

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  • Problem Identifying Touchscreen Controller

    Hey guys,

    I'm relatively new to this forum as a poster, I've been reading a bunch of threads and I was hoping someone could help me out, as I couldnt find the answer to my problem after hours of searching this forum and using google. Anyway, here goes:

    I recently purchased a 1/2 din VGA touchscreen from a store in Taiwan. It's the only 1/2 din VGA touchscreen I've ever seen, so I decided to purchase it.

    The problem is, when I plugged the USB cable into my computer, windows XP detects the device as "USB<-->Serial." I tried to load the drivers that were on the CD given to me, but Windows would not recognize them as the correct drivers.

    So then I used Microsoft's UVCview utility to get information on USB devices and the utility revealed that the "USB<-->Serial" device had a PID of 0x6001 and a VID of 0x0403, and the Vendor was identified as "Future Technology Devices International Limited."

    I went to their website and downloaded their D2xx drivers. When I used the Windows Hardware Wizard to install "USB<-->Serial", the hardware installed properly this time and windows detected "USB Serial Converter" under USB controllers and "USB Serial Port" under Ports and Com. After installing these drivers however, nothing else was detected.

    I then attempted to install the touchscreen utility, but the utility did not detect any touchscreen controllers. I am at a loss as to what to do, the FTDI device does not seem like the touchscreen controller, and from what I've been reading on the forum, it's simply a way for the actual touchscreen controller to interface via USB if it originally used a Serial port controller.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I have done almost everything I can think of to try and identify my touchscreen controller so I can actually get my screen working.

    I've tried to install the drivers/touchkit software in different order.

    I've tried doing a google search on the model number(s) which are DAH-700M and DHM-700D, with no results.

    I've tried to google the "brand/model" which is written as "Xenia Multimedia Monitor" with no results.

    There arent any labels or anything attached to the monitor that have provided any hints.

    I've even removed the outer panel so I could look at the main controller board where everything inside the screen plugs into to possibly give me some hints as to who makes the touchscreen controller. Nothing written on any of the chips gave any useful information.

    I'm tearing my hair out trying to get this stupid touchscreen to work with my computer, and I know it works because I can use the touchscreen to control the On Screen Display (OSD). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!