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sony RM-X2S joystick control - winamp

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  • sony RM-X2S joystick control - winamp

    Hi all, this is my first post here.

    Im trying to figure out a control for my car pc, was thinking of buying and taking to bits a usb joystick but then found my old sony RM-X2S joystick lying around...

    I want to keep my controls as minimal as possible so using this would be the best option. Id rather not hack it to bits, so are there any plugins for winamp (or perhaps a keyboard emulator) for these similar to the linux one below?:

    The joystick has 3 output 'pins' and outputs different resistances. Also just to make it more difficult, my pc doesnt have a joystick port! Could the keyboard ps/2 port be used somehow?

    I am totally lacking any programming skills (but im quite handy with a soldering iron) so Im gonna have to rely on existing pugins/programs out there - any hopefully the advice of the internet community!

    Any advice, comments, suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    heya mate..

    do a search for rm-x2s... there's a really good girder plugin written for it around here somewhere. it is much easier to interface it to the joystick port than serial, as the software is already available for it.

    only problem with the rm-x2s is there seems to be some resistance change with temperature change. i've found on some cold mornings it doesn't work too well til the cabin has warmed up.

    i have my rmx2s connected up to the game port of a cheap $17 soundcard.
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