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Program to control key/mouse strokes

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  • Program to control key/mouse strokes

    I've been looking for a program that would enable me to control Centrafuse with an old mouse I have. The problem with CF is that the hot keys cannot accept mouse strokes. I searched for a program that would let me do this and I found something that is far better than anything I expected.

    It is called AutoHotkey and it is a free program, and extremely customizable. If you look at the code that I have for my mouse you can see how well it works for me.

    WheelUp:: SoundSet +10, WAVE   ;this moves my Wave volume up 10%
    WheelDown:: SoundSet -10, WAVE  ;this moves my Wave volume down 10%
    MButton:: SoundSet +1,,mute   ;this toggles mute on/off
    RButton & WheelUp:: Send {F6}  ;this will go to the previous song
    RButton & WheelDown:: Send {F7}  ;likewise this goes to the next song
    RButton & LButton:: Send {F5}  ;this will toggle play/pause
    The solution to my CF problem not accepting mouse buttons for hot keys lies in the "Send {F5}" code. This pretty much makes the computer think the F5 key was pushed and then in CF I have F5 set as the play hot key.

    If you are interested in this program you can download it from the link below. I hope to have my mouse and external dvd installed below the monitor in 3 weeks so I will have pictures up of my setup.

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    This thing was exactly what I was looking for. The auto script is sweet. A dummy can do it cause I did. Hit the record button do what you want the hot key to do, then compile the script. I used it to map the hotkeys on my Cirque Pro touchpad to go up and down the frodoxm channels.
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      Heya! Cheers for this useful program! I have been wondering all along how to control my PC with keyboard and mouse in the car, now I got the answer
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        cool, thanks
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