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Will this solution to USB/Hibernation problem drain too much power?

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  • Will this solution to USB/Hibernation problem drain too much power?

    I've finally got my carputer setup up and running and I seem to have run into a problem that plenty of people have had. Upon coming out of hibernation, my touchscreen no longer works (the LCD still displays fine but you can no longer move the cursor by touching the screen). I've read all the threads on this forum about the different solutions that people have used to fix the problem (disabling touchkit before hibernation and then re-enabling it after resume...etc) but I see no mention of another method that I found on google on a few different sites. makes mention of this solution. However, it also mentions that because you are still supplying power to the USB, it will drain the battery power if you are using a laptop. question is...being that I am running a laptop as my carputer, if I use the above mentioned solution to fix my touchscreen resume problem, how much power drainage am I looking at from the laptop battery? I don't understand how it could possibly use that much power because my carnetix-p1900 shuts down my touchscreen when I turn my car off so if the carputer is still supplying laptop battery power to the USB...where is the power going since nothing is using it? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I am not so sure that your laptop will supply power to the USB ports in hibernation. Maybe some do but I haven't come across one. Desktop and VIA motherboards can but that depends on the power supply.
    The touch screen isn't supplied voltage via the screen by the way its from the usb port. They might be joined together physically but they aren't normally electrically
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      my current laptop and the one eventually going into my car both provide 5V on the usb while in STR. hibernation i havnt tested, though.

      both asus z71v, one missing a screen/hard drive