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Laptops and power???

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  • Laptops and power???

    I am going to be using a laptop for my car install as it takes care of 90% of the carputer install issues for me.

    However, I wanted to know if it was worth buying the manufacturers 'car power lead' for the laptop, or just picking up a 65w/70w inverter to plug the regular power supply into.

    Isn't that what the manufacturer's solution is anyway?? The only difference I see is that the manufacturer's lead goes direct to the laptop power socket - does this mean it's more efficient????

    This is the laptop I'm going to use.....

    here is the type of direct converter I was looking at ($65)

    350z Roadster,
    Lilliput 7" touch, Opus 250w, 160gb, AMD3500+, 1gb ddr400, geforce 6500 pcie, SiRF Star 3, Wireless G, Sprint CDMA, Bluetooth, Creative iCam Pro, RR, iG 4, Digital FX 4.0

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    If you haven't bought the laptop yet I would suggest buying the omnibook line instead of the pav. There is a big difference between a retail and business laptop. The Pavilions, presarios, etc in the manufacturers home lines usually don't last past the warranty period. The business ones are the ones than run for years and are much sturdier built. As far as the power supply, some of the business line don't have the brick. Makes a much neater setup, just plug straight into the inverter. But if you do have a laptop with the small brick power supply, then the 12v version is just a dc-dc converter much like we built to eliminate the inverter to pc supply setup. You can also find third party power supplies for more popular laptops.