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HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion

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  • HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion

    after a long debate i decided the best solution for me is probably to get this device:

    it has everything i want (gps, mp3, wifi, bluetooth phone, touchscreen) for 400 on ebay and it's all set to go.

    my only concern is i am not sure there is a mp3 player for windows mobile 5.0 that has search capabilities. I tried searching online for a good hour but it is a hard thing to try to find. does anyone know if such a thing exists. also, from your experience, will using a sd card to store music make it awfully slow?

    it would be nice if someone made a frontend for windows mobile but based on my searches on here the sole project has been abandoned.

    so if anyone has experience doing what I plan on doing and/or a media player with search capabilities for windows mobile id appreacite it.


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    for an extra hundred u can get the Garmin Nuvi


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      the garmin nuvi doesn't have wifi.

      any reason you are suggesting that?


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        What do you mean by 'search capabilities' for the MP3 player? There is a master playlist, that you can go through fairly fast to find the song you want. Playing from SD card presents no slowdown.

        A frontend isn't needed ads much, as it is designed for touchscreen use, unlike a PC.


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          by that i meant id like to have an onscreen keyboard that will input text to search for in my library.
          unless maybe i could look to see if there is a way to use voice so i can find the song by just saying it.
          and i agree with you on the front end bit, but it would be nice.


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            i just found this about microsoft voice:
            Voice-controlled media player. Voice Command turns your Windows Mobile 5.0 device into a super cool personal DJ that lets you play your favorite music by artist, album or genre using voice instead of having to search through a long list

            this is great.


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              sorry, I dont have a answer to your question, but I must say, I love my Travel Companion. I use it as a PDA (which it is) and as a GPS for traveling. (which it is also thanks to TomTom)
              I have to drive all over the county for work, so its handy. it has not had my lost yet.
              I dont use it for mp3's or anything. its all work. Calender, contacts, GPS.
              all in all though, Im very glad I bought it.


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                i have one of these that i use in my truck and it works pretty well, i use a 2 gig card for music. i run a mp3 program called pocket music, i like it because it has alot of custom options and big buttons for easy finger navigation....not many options for skins though. for music navigation i use microsofts one voice software which works pretty well with the built in microphone. only complaints with this unit is that the GPS fix is rather slow sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't register the SD card or turn on and i have to hard reset it.

                oh i have to mention, if your wanting to use it as a handsfree bluetooth device it won't work, i made this only works with a bluetooth phone for internet connectivity through certain providers