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DVD and dual screen on XP

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  • DVD and dual screen on XP

    When playing a DVD in XP, It displays fine on the main screen of my laptop, but on my indash screen, it shows everything but the movie (window outline, play/pause buttons). Now if i slow down the hardware acceleration a notch or to in display properties-settings-advanced-troubleshoot, it then displays the DVD on the external monitor, but its choppy. Any help at all is appreciated

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    Windows can't handle YUV conversion and motion compensation acceleration across multiple screens. By turning those off, you get display on both screens, but your CPU is doing all the heavy lifting.

    If you don't need both screens displaying different things, you can set your VGA out to mirror the main screen, and it'll work then.

    What's the specs of the laptop? Most newer laptops should be able to handle DVD software decoding without acceleration just fine.


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      Easy fix, go into your display settings and make your second monitor your main monitor. with ati this is located int he catalist controll center.

      if you want dvd on both turn on Clone mode and for most cards this should work as long as both monitors shar the same resolution, if not make the main screen the one with the smallest res.


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        sounds easy enuf...but i dove into it deeper and found the default ati drivers werent going to let me do this, i downloaded some drivers for the all in wonder card and used the fix that themutt suggested and now it works...hope it keeps working...