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  • Power Supply Warning Question

    Hey everybody, I've been a long time browser, but i've just recently signed up. Anyways, I have a 2007 nissan frontier with a 8 inch lilliput mounted in the factory radio opening. I have a dell inspiron 8200 laptop mounted behind the backseat being powered by a 12 volt car adapter hardwired to the battery. as some of you may know, there's been a lot of problems with these computers detecting power supplies. even though there's a 90 watt power supply, the computer tells me there's a 70 watt connected to it, yet it allows me to hit f1 to continue. the power part is not a major problem, however, the warning message that pops up as soon as it boots is! the laptop is mounted behind the seat so every time power is disconnected, i have to get back there to hit f1. so my question is, is there anyway to disable that message, or perhaps even put a short timer on it so it will go away in a few seconds without having to press any keys? or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    There should be a setting in the BIOS, most likely in the PC Health and Performance page.
    Without looking at your bios, I couldn't tell you exactly.


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      i checked the bios pretty thoroughly and didn't find anything. i'll check it again, but i don't think it has a setting there.


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        Well F1 sounds like a general "press F1 to ignore message". So on the the "Halt on" art of the BIOD change to "No errors".
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          apparently my bios is pretty basic, i don't have any of those options. any other suggestions?