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98 Mustang Laptop Ipod GPS 3G Mach460

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  • 98 Mustang Laptop Ipod GPS 3G Mach460

    After spending several hours this weekend. I have a much better understanding as to how I can undertake this project. Essentially I want to integrate a laptop into my 1998 Ford Mustang. While and In-Dash LCD would probably look better and be more functional- I want a setup that is going to be relatively easy to transport into a new vehicle. I own a business doing high-end custom audio/video, control, lighting, networking, theaters, etc. While I have a lot of experience in the home A/V industry I am very new to the car audio/video arena. Here is what I would like to accomplish...

    -IBM Thinkpad in the trunk- Hooked to docking station with many inputs (PS2, VGA, DVI, USB, Serial, LAN) and a power button.

    -Motorized 7" LCD Touchscreen. (I have two DIN bays, but they are seperated. I would like the motorized single DIN for ease of installation- over a custom fabricated dash mount, and ease of mobility into new vehicle)

    -I have a lot of computer background- so I think I will be fine software wise on the computer. I want FM Radio, GPS, XM Option, Ipod Connectivity (RCA input is fine, Cell phone connectivity- Either Verizon EVDO or ATT 3G- This will allow be broadband internet speeds)

    -I would like the Ipod and Cell phone to be located near the driver's seat (preferably in or around the center console).

    As far as wiring and parts go what else do I need besides-

    VGA to the LCD
    USB for touchscreen control to the LCD
    USB or Bluetooth for the Cell Connectivity?
    RCA inputs or 1/8" Mini plug for the Ipod
    Some sort of power in the trunk DC-DC or AC/DC Converter
    Laptop power module to sense power, or a hardwired switch from the dash into my docking station?

    Honestly, I really have read a lot, so please to flame. I have been looking into this project for awhile now and am ready for the undertaking.

    I have a lot of home audio/video accounts with major distributors. I would be willing to trade services with someone for helping allowing to purchase these products at significant discounts. Regardlesss, I just need a little help or guidance. Another big issue I want to clear up from the bat- Is there a relatively easy way to get the audio from the computer into the Mach460 system, through the existing speakers and amps? I have done a lot of reading, but still havent found a definative answer.

    Let me know!


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    RE: 98 Mustang Laptop Ipod GPS 3G Mach460

    1. Get an iPod Touch or iPhone. 2. Install on dash with a special pivoting/rotating arm. 3. Connect to radio via AUX and a mini-plug (lazy method: FM transmitter). 4. Enjoy!

    I purchased a tablet PC, in-car police-style desk, inverter, mini-plug cable, Bluetooth adapter, and GPS software, back in 2005. When I got my '06 Mustang the following year I installed it and used it on road trips. But it was expensive and slightly cumbersome.

    If the latest iPod Touch or iPhone been around at that time it would've done the same with less hardware and for less money. The only drawback would've been it's lack of PC functionality. However, a laptop in the backseat would've fixed that.