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    i was going to hang a laptop from my ceiling with the screen in inverted mode. anyone know where i can get a mount that will deter thieves?

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    The way I secure my laptop in my car is I use a laptop locking wire and loop that back onto my cars frame. My laptop is in my trunk though, and you likely don't have the luxury of hiding the locking wire. However, if you could, I would recommend the locking wire.
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      can those wires be ripped out? i was hoping for something more substantial that will make it look not worth trying. almost like what they have at best buy for laptops


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        That's a Kensington cable lock. It connects to a small oval slot on the laptop and then loops around something that isn't likely to be moved.

        While it would work, it would also look ugly as sin having a 1/4" steel cable visible on the ceiling of your ride.
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          Wrap the laptop with razor wire?
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