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A Great Price for a Carputer Laptop? Good deal?

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  • A Great Price for a Carputer Laptop? Good deal?

    This is my first post, so please be gentle?

    I saw this on

    Acer Laptop w/ Celeron Processor & 1GB RAM - $348.00

    I'm building up a laptop-based CarPC, and was planning on buying a slightly used and/or older PC to meet budget, but this sounds too good to pass up.

    What say you about the quality/deal/price? I thought you guys might also want to know about it, just in case you're looking for the same thing.

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    It really doesn't matter how good a computer is. You can still use it in the car.

    It mostly depends on what you are planning to use it for. Some people like high end computers so they can play games or something. Some just like the basic things (music, gps, etc.). If you want to do things bluetooth I would recommend getting something with a built in one or throw up the money for a dongle. My first car set-up was a Dell Laptop that I got for free from work because they were throwing it out. It had 1 gb Ram 40 gb hd. 1.8 Ghz Processor. It did me justice until I needed more hard drive space.

    Make the computer fit your needs. Several people think 1 GB RAM is too much, but I'm fine with it.

    But first off I have to ask. Why buy a laptop? That's a waste of a screen and they get hot sometimes.

    1996 Accord Ex Carputer

    Soon to come 2008 WRX 5-door Mac-carputer.


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      If you live in a big city area. Check Craig's Lists for cheap laptops with bad screens.

      I've come across several nice ones (really nice) with busted screens for $100-$150.

      I originally had a huge plan to go laptop + Carnetix 2140

      Changed my mind, and I love the choice I made. Getting it all installed this month.

      Do as you wish, but I'd only go laptop if you had to.

      Craig's List ad for Laptop with busted LCD $100

      Okay, this computer saw action in Iraq, and it's a little worse for wear. Intel 4 Pentium 2.4 Ghz CPU. The monitor is broken and the battery and cover is gone. However, the damn thing still works (amazingly!). I have been using it as a stand along desktop by plugging in an external monitor and USB mouse and keyboard, but I've upgraded. Comes with the power cord and box. (Who knows? I'm sure someone could come in, flip a switch or something and make the monitor work again.)

      Not the best price $200:

      I am selling my Toshiba Satellite A70 laptop
      If this is post is still here, no need to ask if still available, i will delete post upon sale.

      Great Laptop, Very fast. I have freshly loaded Windows XP Home using COA on the bottom of laptop. The only issue is the LCD Screen is cracked and either needs to be replaced. You can pick up a new LCD (Model CLAA154WA01) off of ebay for ~$100 and this would be the perfect laptop.

      AC Adapter
      Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz
      ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 Video
      60 GB HD
      512 MB Ram
      DVD, CDRW Drive
      Wirless Built in
      Windows XP Home Freshly loaded
      Anyways, keep looking. Always offer less than listed, and cash today.

      Good luck!