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this is how to bypass laptop button and standby switch

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  • this is how to bypass laptop button and standby switch

    Hey everyone,

    Thought I would pass some information on.
    If you use a laptop (inspiron 1100) and you bypass the power on button with a remote momentary push button switch where you can turn the laptop on and off without getting in the trunk, be aware that some manf. use a magnet in the LCD screen housing to trip a switch that is in the laptop base. This is the switch that you can configure in windows to perform a task "when I close the lid on my computer" in power settings in control panel.
    The modified power button works fine to shut laptop down once PC is already running no matter if lcd screen is closed or open, but if laptop is powered off and lid closed the modified switch hack will not work if the lid is closed due to this magnetic switch.
    I found a post where a guy took his case apart to unplug the switch (under mouse touchpad).
    You can do this an easier way by just removing the screen bezel that surrounds the LCD. The magnet should be just right under the plastic screen housing.


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    good thing to bring up, thanks.

    also, not all laptops have a magnetic switch...some just have a microswitch tucked away somewhere that the screen hits when it's closed. just look for a little piece of plastic around the frame, and cut it so it's always up.