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Which UMPCs are transflective?

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  • Which UMPCs are transflective?

    Hi all,

    As far as I know, some very old models of OQO and some 2000+ Sony are transflective.

    So other than these (OQO too slow, Sony too expensive), are there any other UMPCs that are transflective?


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    I can tell you what isn't and that's the Samsung Q1 and the Asus R2H (the Asus is rubbish anyway) so that will narrow it down a bit. The only ones I have seen are big money and rugerdised.
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      The UBiQUiO ones don't seem to be either.
      I wonder whether the Fujitsu ones are.


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        the Fujistu Lifebook P1610 is transflective. but the touch overlay seems to dim it quite a bit.
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          EO Tuftab is. It is semi-ruggedized.


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            Fujitsu STxxx1 and STxxx2 series are reflective, if I lived in USA I would have bought ST5031D.... They are not sending those to Finland, su**ers..
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              yeah, those are awesome, my install is built off one, a st5031 I think, but not umpc class at all, if you can fit a 10.4" then there great carpc's...
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