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video wavy lines interference

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  • video wavy lines interference

    I am using a laptop hooked up to a xenarc video monitor and I get wavy lines that looks like some kind of interference. I have spent much time researching this issue with no solution, I have seen others with the same problem, but also no real solution provided, I am hoping someone came up with a good solution. below is the scenario, methods already tested to correct, theory as to the problem.

    laptop powered using a 12v to 18.5v laptop power converter (auto air adapter) mounted under rear seat.
    xenarc monitor powered by direct line from car battery.

    When running off laptop battery no lines image is fine, car running or not running.

    I have tried adding noise suppress filter, ground loop adapter, tried grounding just about everything, monitor case, vga cable, laptop case, routed grounds to same location, and some various combinations of this. I have also tried 3 seperate power supplies air/auto, different manufacturers

    after reading about others who had this problem, those who had desktops, using a power supply like opus were able to fix this problem by powering the monitor from the 12 volt out of the same power supply that was powering their pc. this, and the fact that it looks fine when running on battery power leads me to believe the lines are in fact caused because of some differential in the 2 power supplies, the car battery, and the laptop air/auto supply.

    any ideas? i am stumped at the moment, looking for fresh ideas, how do most people power their laptops/external monitors, not using an ac inverter?

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    Im getting lines on my linitz every now and then, nothing major.

    But i noticed it was since i installed a 40gb laptop drive to run main operating system on. the linitz monitor is pulling the power of one of the hard drive cables at the minute.
    when i was powering it off the cig lighter socket it was perfect, im going to find another power feed for it.

    didnt have laptop drive installed at the time, but when powering linitz off the ciggy lighter socket, there was no interference at all.


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      you could get an opus point of load dc-dc converter to power your screen.
      my car: 2003 g35 coupe, 2.5ghz c2d cpu, gigabyte micro atx mb, dsatx
      wife's car: 2004 honda accord coupe 2.4ghz p4 cpu, asus micro atx mb, opus 150
      company car: 2006 chevy avalanche 2.0ghz p4 laptop, cnx p1900