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[Resolved] laptop with external touchscreen problem

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  • [Resolved] laptop with external touchscreen problem

    I have 3-4 years old HP laptop, which I connected to Lilliput. I have a small problem: if monitor is connected to VGA port, laptop will not go past BIOS screen (where it usually says Press F2 for Setup), and it doesn't matter if monitor is on or off. There is no problem with Hibernation and Stand-By, only when I reboot laptop. Did anyone else experience the same problem ? Should I try updating the BIOS ? Thanks

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    Have you tried taking the laptop in the house and connecting it to a normal monitor as a test?


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      first I have to find a monitor, because I have only laptops I already found new BIOS update, will try it tonight.


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        wierd, I would try it with a keyboard plugged in just to try it, some pc's stop without a keyboard attached, maybe the bios is set up to look for a keyboard if an external monitor is atached? long shot, but first thing I thought of...
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          It turned out, that problem was with USB connection for the external touchscreen monitor. I decide to dig through BIOS again and found option "USB Legacy devices support". It was enabled. Disabling it solved the problem .