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  • this is what I want

    Ok, I dont know exactly what specs I need for a laptop so I come here to ask.

    I want my machine to start up in under 30 seconds. (not hibernation)

    All it will be doing is GPS/DVD/Music.

    The main thing about this PC is for it to start up in under 30 seconds. What kind of hardware power do I need for that?

    Currently I have a ****ty pentium 3 system with 256mb ram running nLite windows 2000 and it starts up in 1:33 seconds. It is rediculous.

    I guess the real reason for me getting a laptop is for
    1. Easy to hide away under my seat
    2. Faster start up

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    Could I easily make that start up in under 30 seconds??


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      try messing with this first on your existing system with Windows XP. 2000 will take longer.,00.asp
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        Whats wrong with resuming from hibernation?


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          i dont want to have to reconnect the power to hook it up to acc. Its just on a 12v line right now and its fine. The startup time now with tinyXP is around 30 seconds so I'm satisfied.