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Gateway 450ROG Display Issuses

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  • Gateway 450ROG Display Issuses

    So I was pretty fortunate to find a good deal ($60-80) for a Gateway 450ROG. I happen to work where we have tons of these things so I've seen them in action, and have experience working on them. (IT by Trade).

    When I first picked it up the screen would show very intermently. I took it to work to swap out some components to see if it was the motherboard or the monitor or what. I swapped the motherboard with one and got a picture.

    The picture would last for a little bit, but a little pressure here or there and the screen would flicker and then the whole computer would lock up. I thought that was kind of weird since the motherboard came from a working computer. I decided to try the monitor from the computer that the motherboard came from...same thing.

    Now when I boot I have nothing on the screen, same with a different screen. I've tried different combinations of these things with about 3 known working computers...still no success.

    Despite having no display, the computer powers up (HDD Spins, CD Kicks in, etc...). I'm begginning to think this is some kind of grounding/power issue that is shorting the "video cards" (integrated chips) out. I find extremely odd, and unlikely that it could do just one chip, but I'm at a loss.

    I have come seeking the advice of you guys so I can hopefully start working on getting some carputer software installed and get some things set up.

    Thanks for any advice you guys can give.