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loopback adapter with relay

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  • loopback adapter with relay

    I'm using a loopback adapter with a relay to power on my eeepc. The adapter works just fine. If the relay is already energized and I touch the two leads of the ethernet cable to the relay it turns on just fine. But if I connect the leads with the relay not powered then power it on it does not turn on the pc. My theory, is that the electronic pulse created when I energize the relay is somehow interfering with the function. Does this make sense? Maybe I can use a transister instead or a diode protected relay. Any ideas?

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    loop back...

    What the hell are you talking about.. jk... ok how about a schematic?


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      Well, I figured it out. Turns out my wake on lan function does not work when using battery power. So I cracked open the eeepc and soldered two wires onto the power switch.


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        ok i see where you where going now.. that was a good thought... I didn't see any mention about wake on lan, thats why i got a bit confused by the "loop back connector", anyway wake on lan looks for a special packet thats sent over the network, not a physical connection to the network.