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  • internal laptop question

    okay so would it be possible to use all of the components from a laptop and buy a new motherboard and use, say an m2-atx to power it all? Would it start right up if the mobo was compatible with the laptop components? Reason i ask is i am having troubles getting my laptop to power on, i had extended the pushbutton but it broke off so now i have to buy a new power/led board.

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    Most laptop componets will not work on an atx style board. Foe the most part, laptops use proprietary components and a different form factor.

    What components did you have in mind?

    You can use the cd/dvd drive and 2.5 inch HD with the right adapters.....
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      I was thinking about using everything except the mobo and get an new one, one that will run off of a power supply, so i dont have to worry about wiring up an external power button.