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    I am looking at running my laptop as a "carputer" as a trial run to prove to wife that this is a great idea.

    I am looking to run two separate "systems" at the same time. To the front I'd like to run GPS/mp3 and run Movies to the back of the Minivan. I have screens for the rear and a "video amplifier" to run 2 or 3 screens at the same time (I needed this with my old DVD player). In order to do this I need a second Audio and Video card. I have two questions based on this:

    1) Will these USB based Audio and Video "cards" work? I want to run the two "systems" separately. For now I plan to use the speakers in the screens that I already have, and install a iPod/mp3 connector for the front.

    2) I need to add USB 2.0 to my laptop, so I plan to do that through the PC Card slot. I did see a more sophisticated Audio card based on PC Card, but my machine only has on PC Card Slot. Is there some way to add more PC Cards than I have capacity for?

    Does this make any sense?

    Thanks in advance!