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second monitor to a laptop

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  • second monitor to a laptop

    I have a Dell Latitude x300 and I am using it in conjunction with a lcd monitor in my car. I want the laptop to desplay one image preferbally my gps while my other monior does my digital dashboard. I have a docking station that will reamin in the vehicle. I was wondering if the docking station has the capability of desplaying 2 different images liek a video card or if I should purchase a usb external video card. I would also like to keep the laptop as free as possible so i dont have to unhook a cable when i transport it for work outside the car. Thank you for your help and any advise. Also if my dock is capable of supporting 2 differnt images does anyone know where i can find the software to do this?

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    the dock should replicate the onboard, don't think you can get 2 different displays.

    the usb video thingies suck, might want to play with them, but there not great with much more than a static image...

    want to do it nice? look into villagtronic, they make a pcmcia card slot video card that the card itself can do up to 3 displays, know this isn't going with your plan of not having to connect anything extra to the laptop, but it's probably the only real solution...
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      alright thank you very much


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        That is some great advice, thanks.
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