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Is a P4-M really that bad?

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  • Is a P4-M really that bad?

    I have been doing a new laptop install using a thinkpad.This was an old laptop I had around doing nothing so figured I would use it,

    The laptop has a P4-M 2.0GHZ CPU.

    I have noticed in the sticky that the P4-M should be a avoided due to power and heat issues and I should Ideally go for a PM Dothan based CPU.

    Well I don't really want to spend any more money on this project and would like to use the laptop I already have.

    IBM Thinkpad P4M 2ghz
    1 GIG of Ram
    120 GIG HDD
    LinITX 7" touch screen.

    Have been configuring the software:

    Road Runner Front end
    with Simplistique Skin.

    Things to add:

    Bluetooth for phone
    WI FI aleady in just needs configuring.
    Rear Camera

    Some initial pics:

    My question is : Is the P4-M really that bad?

    Here are the comparisons between a P4M and PM

    Pentium 4-M 2.0 2000 MHz 512 KiB 400 MT/s 20 1.2/1.3 V 20.8/32 W Socket 478

    Pentium M 740 1733 MHz 2048 KiB 533 MT/s 13x 0.988/1.356 V 10.8-27 W Socket 479

    Notice the difference in Thermals between these two CPU's it doesn't seem that much difference,Not enough to try and source a Dothan Lappy.

    With speedstep enabled the lappy uses even less power and drops to 1.2ghz when running Mp3's etc...


    Am I good to go?

    Will my alternator be up to it?

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    Dude, some will scream and cry about the power and heat but If you can make it work, Go for it! It's all about ingenuity. I think your alternator ought to be fine. I don't think you'll have starting or charging trouble unless you are out posing banging music for hours with the car off running on battery.

    Heck, I'm going against the grain in my new install and using one of the old socket 478 P4 2.8GHZ Prescotts I have laying in my parts stockpile simply because I'm not trying to spend a ton of $$$$ on parts, when I have so many pc parts laying around my apartment that I'm tripping over stuff when I am going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I'm more affraid of my soundsystem leaving me stuck than the car pc .

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      Ideal setups will vary from person to person.

      Lots on this forum go with the VIA chipsets. I personally went with a desktop motherboard and an AMD dual core processor.

      Like toyotatyrant said, if it works go for it. Whatever floats your boat...after all it's your boat!


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        Meh, using a P4 on a slimline desktop board.

        No issues.

        Just make sure you choose the appropriate power supply (i run a dsatx) and don't run it for a couple hours at a time without some form of charging for the battery.

        I wouldn't worry at all about the batery while the car is running................(ie:driving)

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          If you go DSATX, make sure you set the shut-down time about 10 minutes, which should give you enough time to fill up your gas and not have your computer shutdown/hibernate on you.

          This I still need to do for mine, as it's only about 3 minutes or so.


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            power wise it's still more efficent than many desktop setups, that's not the real problem, make sure you have good airflow around it, that's one of the biggest prolems with the p4m's, they cook themselves to death without airflow & decent cooling... def usable though...
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              Its going in the boot,

              It doesn't get as hot on the docking station too as its raised up.

              With speedstep enabled and the chip set at low speed super power saver running at 1.2

              ghz I think it will be ok.