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Maintain power to laptop for Wake to work?

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  • Maintain power to laptop for Wake to work?


    I was able to get my Compaq v700 series to wake on lan using a loopback adapter I made from an rj45 cable. I placed a switch inline between two of the four utilized pins and that worked great. The unit will come on after it's been shut down, hibernated, put in standby, etc. The only time it WON'T work is if AC power is lost, even for 5 seconds and restored.. it does nothing when i press my switch in this instance.

    Again, it works if computer is fully shutdown and the laptop hasn't lost ac power.

    Now, I wonder.. would I have to worry about for instance, if I used an auto/air adapter and wired that to a tap from my battery that lead to my trunk? If I always had power supplied to the laptop, in hibernate, would it still drain the laptop battery before using the car battery?

    The car never sits for more than a few days..and I'd remove laptop if it were sitting for multiple days anyway. Just wondering the risks, what the draw is from a laptop in hibernate, or even powered off - what the auto/air adaptor draws even when the comps off..

    err.. sorry brain fried, anyone have any insight? again, if I can maintain ac power to the computer I can keep using my loopback device and implement a momentary relay for that.