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Pavilion tx2110us VS. Xenarc 700TSV Screen

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  • Pavilion tx2110us VS. Xenarc 700TSV Screen

    Has anyone tried a direct comparison of these two screens in daylight? Is the one with better contrast difference significant enough for me to purchase a Xenarc/PC system over a UMPC? I would greatly appreciate any links to sites, preferably with pictures, of comparisons between UMPC touchscreens and Xenarc, Lillliput, etc touchscreens.

    Thanks for any helpful assistance

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    Hi There.

    I bought one of these Tx211Oa's from about one week ago. Using it to literally write this post actually. Bleeding amazing - it actually recognizes my horrible writing halfways decently.

    *note this ain't no paid endorsement. Just my first tablet.


    I hope you got dark tint in your Car. Or my older eyes are getting dimmer.

    It simply washes out in sunlight. I've now got a Toyota Yaris (yes a far cry from my '88 F150 when I was last active on mp3car com, oh about 2000 or so. heh.) and the large windshield saturates the laptop screen also - don't know what really can be done about that, in my case.

    I didn't buy the TX2000 for a car install -but now that I got it...

    Before I can though, I'll need to tint.

    no experience with the xenarc or other types, sorry.