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Please feedback about my screen.

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  • Please feedback about my screen.


    My names is Bengt and I'm currently in the planning stage of my first build, and wanted some input from you guys.

    I have an old Sony Vaio (VGN-FS195VP) that I'm going to use together with this screen: (PDF)

    Is it a good screen ?
    Is there anything i need to know about power consumption?
    Can i power this directly from the car's 12V or do i need a converter of some sort ?

    I live in Sweden and don't have the stuff you are discussing near by, so i have to grab what ever i find.

    Hope to get some feedback from you.

    And I have a ton of questions later on.

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    Hmm over 50 views and no comment.

    How come it so hard to make a comment, was the questions to hard ?

    Come on guys, I really need your expertcomments.


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      That screen looks a lot like the Lilliput 629GL. But without the Lilliput badge.

      It is an OK screen but it may be horrible in sunlight.
      You can run from car ACC line OK, it will have a voltage regulator on the cigarette 12v powercord. You can cut off the cigarette plug connector and wire direct to car voltage or OPUS power supply whatever your have.

      Have a search around for Lilliput installs.

      Good luck with it all


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        Yea, the Lilliput is almost exactly the same, but alot cheaper.

        I have the oppertunity to return it to the store if i'm not happy with it, so i think i have to buy and try.

        You can't buy Lilliput here in sweden, not that i know of anyway.

        Thanks for the input.