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  • External Laptop Power Switch HELP

    Ok, so I've finally finished my entire setup with 7" touch screen in stock gps housing (Lexus Is300) and my laptop mounted underneath the glove box. I am using a Dell 700m to run Centrafuse. Everything works perfectly and now I am working on wiring an external switch to the laptops power button. I did all the research and know exactly what I am going to do but my question is:

    Is there a way to have some kind of plug in the middle of the wire going from the external switch to the power switch on the laptop? I would like to be able to unplug that wire so that I can remove the laptop when I want to add music or videos to the laptop. Im not sure if it is possible or if I have to go to a local electronic store but it seems plausible to me. Thanks to any one who can help in this situation.

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    of course it's possible, and it's probably safe to say that most MP3car members that have laptop-based carPCs use some sort of connector to disconnect their remote power switch.

    a remote power switch is just a simple momentary SPST switch. it's just two wires, no electronics involved so it's very easy to put a 2-conductor connector in-line with the wires. some people use 1/8" mini-jacks (headphone connectors), others use barrel plugs/jacks, and others use there un-used modem port (you'll have to disconnect the modem pins from the daughterboard/motherboard before you connect your power switch wires to them). when I used a laptop, I simply ran the wires through a hole I drilled in my docking station and used a standard 2-conductor automotive connector in-line.

    search for remote power switch / power button, there are several existing threads on this topic (if you need more info). good luck
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      Thanks, Just wanted to make sure it was possible before exhausting all ideas. I appreciate your help.


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        Also, can someone be so kind as to tell me where I need to solder the external switch to the power button on the computer. I read the other thread about soldering an external switch but it didnt seem to make much sense. I attached the picture so if any one can help that would be great.

        On another note, what type of soldering experience is required for this sort of job. Ive probably solder something twice in my entire life


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          This may help you.

          Hey guy!
          We are working on the same thing!!!!
          I am giong to convert my 700M to a car pc for my Lexus IS300 too!
          But i am still waiting my M2-ATX ITPS and Touch monitor.
          Hope i could help you.

          For the PW button wiring:
          The Top 2 points of the button are the same thing +5v.
          The Bottom 2 points are the same GND.
          So you should use only one of each Top or Bottom pionts.

          But for me, I would use the +5v in the back . There's a hole at the bottom left conner of the PW button, Just see through this hole, tear the protecting plastic in the back of the motherboard, you will find a piont can be use for soldering. And there will be more easy to soldering from there.
          I think that is ungly to soldering from the front too. Especially sometimes when you have to take off the pw button panel.

          If you want to make the external PW button to be unplugable. Get use of the moden RJ11 port.(If you think you are using the modem , then just forget it.....)
          Just unplug the moden wire from the laptop inside , then connect the PW button wires to the moden's inside-plug. Now use a long Telephone Cord for the external PW button from the oudside RJ11 port.

          I could up load some pics if you want.

          Have fun.



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            Check out this thread for a removable power switch.
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