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Laptop won't output to touchscreen

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  • Laptop won't output to touchscreen

    I have an old Compaq laptop in my car, and I had it outputting to a Xenarc 700IDT in my dash, well all of a sudden it quit outputting to the touchscreen. Now, I uninstalled the video driver, restarted, Compaq outputted to the touch screen just fine but no Standby or Hibernation cause of no video driver. Re-installed the video driver, restarted, laptop outputs to the touchscreen while the XP boot screen is up, as soon as that goes off and starts to load the desktop, Stops outputting to the touchscreen.

    I tried multiple ATI drivers and none of them will work. I formatted and re-installed (a non nlited) copy of Windows. I know its not the touchscreen cause the laptop will output to it during start-up, and I plugged a different laptop into the touch screen and it outputted to it just fine. I plugged the Compaq into a regular LCD and it outputted to it just fine.

    The laptop is a Compaq Evo N180, it has an ATI Mobility Radeon (just Mobility Radeon, no numbers afterwards) as a video adapter. It worked for a few months from when I initially hooked it up so I know the hardware is good enough.

    Any ideas?

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    Try using "FN + F3" keys together