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AC inverter giving noise

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  • AC inverter giving noise

    Im running an hp dv6000 laptop in my car right now, and the Linux and hardware computability issues alone is being a pain. But i digress.

    Right now, I have a 150w AC inverter splices right into my cigarette lighter so the power comes on and off with the ignition. I find that when i have my computer plunged in it gives a substantial amount of buzz through the speakers. When i unplug it, sound fine.

    Now would it be the AC inverter or the AC laptop power supply? How do i fix this?

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    if that's a modify sinwave inverter there's almost nothing you can do about that buzz n noise


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      so should i look for a dc to dc power supply?


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        a DC-DC PSU is always a better solution for a computer (or any other DC device).

        inverters should be avoided whenever possible. the only time an inverter is necessary for a PC is when the DC device draws more power than any [currently available] DC-DC PSU can provide. in your case you are using a 150watt inverter so that shouldn't be an issue.

        most of the DC-DC PC PSUs are designed for desktop-type computers that use a multi-rail ATX PSU. laptops use a single-rail "power brick" PSU that outputs a higher voltage than an ATX PSU. you can buy a cheap auto/air adapter off eBay (if you can find one for your laptop) or you can get a good universal model like a carnetix P1900 or P2140 which can output typical laptop voltage (18v, 19v, 20v).

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          things that make you go hummmmm

          try yanking the ground prong off the PC power cable then plug it in and try.. Now im going to get bashed for this one.. but the noise is most likely sneaking in through the ground wire to the case and sound card. The inverter doesn't actually connect to GROUND.. Hey how many of those three prong cords do we all have laying around what would it hurt to try, If it works for you, you should connect the PC case ground to the car common (ground)