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is it possibleto use a touch screen monitor with a laptop car pc?

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  • is it possibleto use a touch screen monitor with a laptop car pc?

    hmmmm exacly what the title says

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    Yes. You plug the screen into the VGA port that 95% of laptops have, then the touchscreen into the USB port.... its like any other computer.

    A few people have bought laptops with broken/removed screens and done this as their primary screen...
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        as post #2 says, yes it is done all the time.

        The only problem is the laptop and how it handles multiple displays. Plug in any monitor and either turn off the laptop or standby or whatever. Most will go back to what it was set to before such as cloning or extending. But some with crappy software will never turn the external monitor on until you press a key. Or some will not turn on the monitor when the lid is closed. That sort of thing. So check out the laptop thoroughly before you buy.
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          In short
          HELL YES!!!!
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