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prepping a laptop carpc- fullscreen problem

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  • prepping a laptop carpc- fullscreen problem

    ive recently acquired a 2nd blue h1 umpc with a 7in screen and was prepping it for use in my car, now the 1st one that i had was in linux and this one i formated it to winxp pro sp2. installed the drivers from the website and is running smoothly now my biggest problem is when i switch a video to full screen coming from several sites like the picture divides to several clips and is very distored. da picture is supplied so you can tell what im really talking about..hope you guys can give me some advice. ive already downloaded the latest flash players and im using k-lite codecs for this pc.

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    did you get the latest drivers for your video card?
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      well theres only one driver in the site for this little sucker, i couldnt find any specifics regarding the exact video hardware for it. heres the website if it would be any help, and the computer is a blue h1 umpc, there are 2 types in there one is general drivers, and one for vista and xp. its wierd because the ones for the xp and vista gave me an error saying the drivers are not compatible for this operating so frustrated. thanks man


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        No idea about the kit but you say there are xp and vista drivers so I assume your trying to use the H1 umpc 650 drivers? Your op mentioned a 7" screen so why aren't you using the H1 7" drivers? Going by size they are totally different and 7" ones are newer. You could well be using the right drivers but you didn't mention umpc650 anywhere.
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          oh ok alright sorry to confuse you in the way i presented the problem, i meant that i tried all of the drivers in the site be it 7in or umpc650. the lowdown is that the 7in works but the umpc supposedly xp drivers gives me the error this driver is not compatible for this OS. =c sad to say.