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noob quetion about new add on to car laptop

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  • noob quetion about new add on to car laptop

    hey yall,
    please dont jump down my throat for this question, but i am trying to learn!
    i am thinking of buying the following product as a front tft screen and stereo for my van?
    it has the following specs>>

    7" widescreen TFT LCD
    USB HOST (Support USB pendriver)
    Remote Control included
    3-in-1 CARD READER (SD/MMC/MS)
    Superior surround sound
    Supports multi language including: 8 languages (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, PT, NL, PL)
    Supports video, music playback and photo viewing
    Supports iPod connector for iPod playing and battery rechargable
    Supports MP3 music player
    Works with all the latest iPods, including Touch, Nano 3rd Gen, Video, and iPhone
    now i am wondering, is it possible to put external input from laptop, via usb or other av input, to watch tv, from laptop??
    and also can i put things like gps, etc from my laptop, to play through it, with its specs??
    thankyou already

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    That will function the same as connecting your laptop to a TV set, which is likely very possible.
    Understand that you're not going to get the best image quality, as PC video signals don't translate to a comparatively low-res TV.
    You will not have touchscreen control of the PC, either.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      thankyou heaps darque pervert,,
      do you think, it might be possible to at some later stage, get it too be a touch screen, to run my computer?
      i am using laptop for now, as soon as ssd,s and pc,s all become affordable, i will go that path,
      i think this will be a good add on for me,, ?
      and will look awesome in my dash area, in my van, cause i have slightly remodelled my dash.
      but being van, bucketloads room,
      hey thanks again.