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Quick Release / Docking station for EEE PC

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  • Quick Release / Docking station for EEE PC

    A EEE PC with touchscreen mod probably the best laptop to use as CarPC due to the price, SSD and 12V DC input.

    However, I don't feel comfortable leaving a laptop inside my car and there isn't any docking station design for EEE PC.

    Anyone ever DIY a quick release for laptop so that I can disconnect the DC power and all USB connections at once?

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    i am thinking of having an "quick release" adapter attached to the 2 USB ports at the side, and a cable that linkto the DC input of the laptop.

    However, what kind of "connector" is suitable for this task?


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      i say connect all your usb ports into a single usb hub. that way youll only have 2 wires sticking out; the power and the hub.

      didnt read the title. as far as i know for a docking station, the eee doesnt have the connection at the bottom for a docking station to work.


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        I'm getting one of these and plan to do the same thing (my bank is giving them away free with a new aco**** opening for the 7" 2G surfs) so I'm do the touch screen mod on it. The best place for mine (a 98 Dodge Caravan) is probably going to be on the cup holder console. What I plan to do is get the 12V DC plug for it, have a USB hub with everything plugged into that and just unplug those 2 cables. What I plan to do to be able to have it seated stable in the van and be able to take it out is this. Get 2 plastic cups, roughly the size of the cupholders, glue them to a piece of plexiglass the size of the EEE and afix them into the cupholder tray so I have a flat surface. Then I'm going to put velcro on the bottom of the EEE and on the top of my new tray, and voila, laptop tray for about 6 bucks in parts. lol. Probably go with a USB audio and GPS and maybe a game controller for my USB connections. Probably just going to go with a decent headunit with bluetooth built in, so I won't have to worry about that.


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          yes, i am thinking where to get such quick release connector that can combine both power and USB signal

          Rip from old laptop with docking station?


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            you will have to fab something with the connectors in epoxy. all the pre-built dock connectors are custom.

            now there are 3rd party docks you could also try that only need one USB connection, but they will not hold laptops:
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              The EeePC 901 that I've considered has the power plug, VGA and USB connectors on the right side. Kandyman676 is on the right track, I think; you could fabricate a single mounting plate that holds the power plug and USB connectors (if you plan an external monitor, you could include the VGA port in the plate). You'd simply plug the EeePC into that plate, and you'd be connected.

              Another option might be to take the Targus unit in his link and fabricate something to hold your laptop, or use that concept as a starting point and build your own.
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                Originally posted by GeToChKn View Post
                (my bank is giving them away free with a new aco**** opening for the 7" 2G surfs)
                What bank is giving away EEE PC's? That's crazy I want an account there!

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                  I know atleast one... It is the Royal Bank of Canada.