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Extension to laptop TFT wires

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  • Extension to laptop TFT wires

    First, sorry for my crappy english.

    Hello, i just bought cheap laptop and i thought, that i would integrate it to my car.
    I would like to place the laptop itself to trunk and the screen to dash. Ofc, i need to extend those wires.
    If i just use normal monitor cable and rip it and then connect it with those loose ends, will it work? Anyone tryed this? Normally those wires are something like 10-20cm long, but im thinking something like 5 meters? I could manage with 1 Meter extension, if i place it under seats, but trunk would be better.

    Thanks in advance

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    Gosh, google took me to a FAQ page here. How did i miss that earlier..


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      K, so, now i have completely ripped everything off from my acer. Theres bunch of wires going inside LCD. Its connected to connector witch has 20 pins on it.
      I opened my screen cover, to expose the lcd itself and i found my backlight inventer there Witch i think, is good thing.

      If i now cut the wires and attach longer wires in middle, it should work? Becouse the BL wires are not cutted, just those that run from inventer to mobo.
      Anyone tested how long those can be? I would love to have 5 meters long, but even 1m would be good.

      In need of help,


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          Look at the back of the disconnected LCD. You should see a bunch of letters and numbers. One of them is the model number. Google it and find the specs.

          What you are looking for it the type of signaling technology it is accepting from the laptop. Chances are it is LVDS. Googling "LVDS" again and you will see LVDS is good for 5 to 10 metres or so, simply because it is not using absolute voltage but the _D_ifference of two voltages (from two wires).


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            from my perspective, you dont need to remove the LCD and/or extend its cable at all. all laptops have a secondary VGA output, and extended VGA cables are more common. just hook your secondary screen up using the second output with the extended VGA cable, go to windows display properties and set that as the primary display. and there you go!

            but if you want to use your laptop LCD as the main screen...


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              Originally posted by dmc_rider View Post
              but if you want to use your laptop LCD as the main screen...
              i build PCs so I've no problem with it, but in the car context, doing it the "build-PC" way is not ideal. Key is the cost, which is related to the low-availability.

              with netbooks all the rage these days, it has achieved the mass-production / low-price point, where a typical netbook cost as little as a good LCD alone.

              Netbook/laptop's battery in the car environment has a special use too, to maintain the computer for that 1-2 mins after ignition off and for computer to complete the shutdown/sleep process.

              in my mind, locate the netbook to meet yr specs (LCD size, touchscreen, ability to take CF for solid-state 8GB disk, AC adaptor output a standard voltage like 18V or 19V), and break it down to fit yr car.