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Using power cord going to laptop LCD to run touchscreen

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  • Using power cord going to laptop LCD to run touchscreen

    I have a dell inspiron 1000 that was given to me because the screen was cracked. I finally got it running again and it seems to work nicely: no problem with staying on with the lid "closed," relatively sturdy, quiet enough for a car. The lcd is toast and going to be removed.

    I also own a tm-868 8" lcd touchscreen and finally decided to try to put them together for my car.

    My plan was to limit the amount of complexity since I have 100s of other things to do right now. I was curious and got out a voltmeter on the power connector for the lcd of the laptop (that doesn't work). There are 5 or 6 wires and a ground. The voltmeter reads 18.76v on one them, 3.26 on the other one, most others are zero.

    I was curious to see if anyone had tried to hook up another DC device to where the lcd used to connect to (I hope that makes sense). My lcd touchscreen is 12v / 0.8A. I was thinking I may be able to rig up a voltage regulator and output 12v from the 18.76v??? I'm not sure how to check what draw the old dell lcd is capable of since its broken, but I would think it would be similar to the smaller touchscreen I'm adding and not be a problem.

    IF this works, it means I have slightly less cabling and a little less redundancy. Not the end of the world otherwise. Is it worth trying?

    All I've tried so far is using a power inverter in the car and using the two ac adapters (which equals pretty bad buzzing). I had also looked in to getting an igo universal adapter which allows dualpower but they seem to be of questionable reliability and the newer ones are super expensive.

    For what its worth, I thought xlobby was a bit faster and easier to deal with since I'm only concerned with music and playlists right now. Roadrunner seems awesome but a bit too complicated right now. Xlobby is still available for free if you check around.

    thanks for reading and any replies.

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    The best voltage regulator I know of.
    However it's only 1.5 amps. So if you need more power you must put them in parallel.
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