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  • Laptop Car PC Checklist

    I plan on using my laptop and docking station as my Car is what I think I need, but please let me know if I miss anything (also if you can recommend which one to purchase, that would be great as well):

    1. docking station mod for power switch
    2. startup/shutdown controller (is this really necessary and how does it hook up to a laptop?)
    3. DC-DC Regulator
    4. LCD Touchscreen
    5. 4 port powered USB hub
    6. GPS

    That's all I can think of for my project....let me know if i missed anything...

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    may i ask which dc-dc regulator are you going to use?


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      1. I just soldered to the power button on my HP 530. No docking station. This is not possible with all laptops, you'll have to open yours to see.
      2. I use W3bma5t3r's startup controller. There is a thread here in the 'user innovations' subforum. The laptop's own power-management handles shutdown - when power is removed it goes to sleep after a few minutes, then hibernates after a few more minutes.
      3. I'm currently using a 120v power supply but I just received some 12v power supplies from I haven't used any of them yet but I'll post when I have some experience with them.
      4. I'm using a Xenarc 700tsv. I'm itching to upgrade to something brighter though.
      5. I'm looking for ideas.
      6. I bought iGuidance 2009, they offer a bundle that includes a Sirf III GPS sensor, it works pretty well.


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        Originally posted by ezland00 View Post
        may i ask which dc-dc regulator are you going to use?
        looking at the carnetix P-2140 dc regulator...yes? no? What do you think?